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Welcome to the online portal of the Hiddensee Bird Ringing Centre!


This portal enables you to send messages about ringed birds in standardized form to the Bird Ringing Centre Hiddensee. By that your report on a ringed bird will be processed error-free and fast. We will provide to you any available information on the bird you have found or observed as soon as possible.

With your ring discovery, you are making a very valuable contribution to the exploration of bird life as a basis for targeted protection measures for birds. Why bird migration is still an irreplaceable research method, how this method is organized in the East German federal states, and which results it provides, can you see at our website.

Please note the following information before entering data:

  • The Hiddensee Bird Ringing Centre is exclusively responsible for marking of wild-living birds for scientific purposes. Therefore, marking devices, which are used for ornamental birds, pigeon or poultry, must not be reported via this portal. Such rings are basically recognizable by the fact that they are closed all around. On the other hand, only open rings are used in scientific bird migration, which can also be applied to adult birds and have corresponding closure mechanisms. Please read more about this on our website.
  • To report ringed geese use please use the website as well as for cranes
  • We can not provide an immediate information about the reported ringed bird in all cases. It may be necessary to request ring data from the ringer or from the ring-issuing Ringing Centre. You will be notified immediately if all data are available.

You can use this online portal without registration. However, we recommend you to register as a user for this portal.

The following advantages are associated with the registration:

  • It is not necessary to enter the user-specific data within the scope of the ring detection report.
  • You always have access to all your ring messages.
  • You can save finding locations for future use.